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​© Murielle Senaux Artiste

Born in 1973 / Paris

Lives in France



Murielle Senaux starts creating by instinct, for a very sensitive approach.


She paints and photographs what eludes her.


Inspired by what happens outside, she uses tracks from human nature. In silence, she gives up all rational ideas, to express as close as can be of how she feels.


With poetry and fragility, she brings back a sense to her lost models.


Always curious, she flirts with many different art fields. The energy of music direct her movement and the study of dance brightens her perception of space. She takes from litterature and cinema the tools to help her animate and express her vision.


This exploration fed her photographs and paintings, two fields that marked her debuts and are now where she excels.


It is a long work, often painful, a creation where you listen to the world heartbeat.

Her troubling arts, darks at times and brights at others, can be tortured but stay delicate.

With this double side, Murielle Senaux see straight on beings and things with a powerful grace.

Été 2010 École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts / Paris

2009/10  École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts / Nantes

2003/08  Ateliers Beaux-Arts / Paris

1993/94   Reading Art School / Angleterre

1991/93    École 4AEP (Photography School) / Paris

1988/91    Lycée Le Castel Filière Arts Plastiques (Artistic High School) / Dijon